Making Caravan Trips Completely Safe

It is great to have your own home on wheels. In this way, you can travel around and explore numerous places without the hassle of accommodation booking and without having to pay for a room. At the same time, when you drive around with your caravan towed by your car, you have to take all required measures for safety. Consider the major ones.

Important Equipment

One of the main things that you need to keep an eye on is the tyre pressure of the car and especially of the campervan. When it is below the set limit, it can cause serious problems including reduced control over the car and tyre blow-out. Besides, the lower pressure results in higher fuel consumption and a greater rate of tyre wear and tear. The best way to keep the pressure constantly under control is to use a tyre pressure monitor. It produces an audible alert every time when the pressure goes below or above the set limits. This enables is to adjust it immediately when the need arises. Go right here for further details regarding tyre pressure monitor.

When it comes to tow bars and hitches, it is best if you use a hitch with load distribution functionality. It works to keep both the towing vehicle and the caravan at level position. When purchasing or renting a caravan, you should confirm that it has electric brakes. These work in conjunction with the car’s brake lights to reduce the risk of the caravan pushing the car during the process of stopping. When these two systems are present along with the tyre pressure monitor, the risk of collision will be reduced to the lowest minimum.

The Main Rules

You have to adhere strictly to the major rules for road safety with a towed vehicle:

• Check the condition of the car before every trip – This is essential since the added load of the towed vehicle will speed up the wearing of all components from the tyres to the inner moving parts.

• Always start off slowly – Greater acceleration can lead to issues and a higher rate of wear and tear of the internal components.
• Keep the speed down – This will allow for greater manoeuvrability, which is crucial in this situation. Additionally, remember to change to a lower gear when climbing hills.

• Allow greater distance for stopping – Otherwise, the caravan can push the car and cause an accident.

Proper Planning

Start by creating an itinerary and plan which roads to take on your caravan trip. Ensure that the roads are wide, flat and strong enough. You have to be certain that you will travel smoothly given the chosen travel configuration.