Maintaining An Office Car Fleet

A significant problem to large companies comes when you have a fleet of cars to look after, large or small. The problem is that the owners sometimes don’t care about the car as much as they would if it was their own car. However the following are some pointers that can help make managing that car fleet easier.

Proper Car Service Persons

One way to easily save costs is to have a single car service provider. This means that you can negotiate a good price and you have the general assurance that the care given for the cars are standard. The problems of not doing this is that often the employee who the car is allocated will go to their own service centers and this means you can’t grantee the quality of the service and that you pay the actual amount. However the problem with a single service vendor is that it is not easy for most people to access this vendor. Either because the vendor is too far or the employee travels a lot. Therefore a better solution for you is to find a vendor who provides brake repairs Sydney options. This means that you can have the car serviced at a remote location like the office, where the car is bound to be at some point in time.

Car Repairs

Car repairs is another headache for most people and something that needs to be done often, especially in an office car fleet. However again the problem arises with the fact that these cars are generally heavy use cars and will travel all over a lot. This means that the repair teams should be able to get to the car where ever it is. Therefore going for a repair team that offers mobile car repairs Sydney will be an invaluable investment. Additionally by using a single vendor, you can again negotiate for better rates.

A Proper Accident Policy

While the business will have to maintain and pay for vehicle insurance, you could have a policy in place with the employees that any premium costs due to accidents will have to be deducted from the employee. This will mean that the employee assigned to drive the car will take extra care to avoid an accident. However this practice will have to be fair and only penalize the employee if the accident was the employees fault. This will ensure fairness and better quality of the car.

Fuel Deal with a Local Pump

One way that people can cheat on fuel, when the company covers the cost is make a small side deal with a pump operator and make sure the bill reads more. One way to avoid this is that you have a agreement with a filling station and remove the need for an employee to handle money transactions. You have the employee collect a receipt for the fuel and the company pays the vendor directly. With these simple practices you can make sure that you are not on the loosing side when managing a car pool for a company.