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3 Tips To Be A Great Best Man

Published / by Yasmin Nixon

Not everyone gets the honour of being a best man at a wedding. You were probably asked to be one because you mean a lot to the couple who are about to get married. Therefore, it is important that you commit yourself to the job. Unlike the maid of honour who’s main job is to offer emotional support to the bride on and prior to the wedding, your job description would be a broader and more intense one. You will have the responsibility of looking into the minor details that the groom has forgotten to attend to. You will basically belong to the backstage crew. However, all the work you put in will help make the wedding a memorable one to the couple as well as all the guests. 

Talk to the groom way ahead of the wedding

The groom would probably be your brother, best friend or a close colleague from work; obviously someone you are very close to. Therefore, make it a point to talk to him at least a couple of months before the wedding and inquire about all the little things he needs to get done. Once you know all this information, you could start helping him to get things done smoothly. For instance, if he needs to rent a vehicle for the going away, you could start looking for cheap car hire services. If he plans on surprising his bride with a band or a choir, you could offer to help him out with that. Since there is a definite chance that the groom will forget these minor details just before the wedding, it is good for him to have someone who is aware of what needs to be done.

Accept all his mood swings with a smile

People often think that only the bride gets to get all moody and emotional before the wedding. Keep in mind that the groom not only has to deal with his problems but also needs to be the one to listen to all the issues of the bride. Therefore, he is definitely going to need someone to unload on. If he doesn’t want to talk about the things that are bugging him; which is generally the case with most guys, he will put out his stress in the form of anger and annoyance. As someone who he has entrusted with the responsibility to be his best man, it is your duty to understand where his strange moods are coming from. He will also appreciate it if you help him get over them. Just like you take care of materialistic things like looking for bands and cheap car rental services, you will need to be equipped to handle the emotional part of being a best man.

Make sure that he has fun during the wedding

The biggest blunder couples do when planning their wedding is not leaving room to actually enjoy and celebrate their day. They tend to be so worried about all the preparations that they forget to spend time with each other and make memories that would last a life time. As the best man, it will be your responsibility to make sure that the groom has the time of his life. Unburden him of his work and be someone he can depend on throughout the celebration.