Month: March 2019

Why The Protection Of The Vehicle Is Important

Published / by Yasmin Nixon

Protection of your car is not always about insurance, there is much more thing other than insurance. You cannot give your car in insurance every six months. Cars are expensive, it doesn’t matter whether you rich or poor every person has their own budget and everyone is concern about their things. There is nothing expensive and cheap it about how you protect your car.

Who loves scratches on the car? Scratches are the most painful but this problem has a solution which is paint protection film which protects the car from scratches and keeps the paint safe. It increases the durability of the car and prevents from the scratches, Auto wrapz is one the best Australian company who provide this service with the main motive of the company is to protect your car and make it worth it.

There are numbers of benefits of the paint protection film. What human need to protect them self from the sun? Human needs an extra layer on them to protect from the sun and its heat. Paint protection film works the same for the cars, it protects cars from the sun heat and protects the colour of the cars which increase the life of the car and make it valuable. Paint protection film protects a car in many ways, it can protect a car from rocks as well which lead to scratches and decrease the value of a car.

Most of the time when a car in the parking or even when car is roaming on the roads birds don’t care about it and drop whatever they want, birds dropping is always dangerous for the cars because it directly affect the colour of the car, if it is not removed and clean at the same time it can give bad stain which is not easy to remove it may have chances to remove the colour or damage the colour, Most of the time this damage is done on the roof of the car or at the front mirror. If it is on the mirror it is easy to clean other than the roof.

Sometimes rains are unexpected nobody knows when it will happen, acid rain has the tendency to damage your vehicle’s paint because it have certain chemical if they dry on your car there are more chances of damaging the colours. Paint protection film is the only solution to protect your vehicle from the damage. If you are interested about you can visit this website

. Auto wrapz plays an important role to protect your car; the company not only works to protect your car even they work to increase your business by offering vehicle graphic services which can make your company’s logo or anything you want to design on your vehicle. Most of the teenagers want their name printed on the car the company also does that for the customers. The company believes in quality work and to make the customer satisfaction.

Importance Of Cutting And Polishing Car Paint

Published / by Yasmin Nixon

The paint that has been done on your car is something that should be highly maintained as it is prone to be impacted by salt residue, UV rays and winter roads etc. that could result in the paint being dull or oxidized. Well, I am pretty sure all car lovers and enthusiasts wouldn’t want that to happen to their cars at all.

To overcome such issues, it is highly suggested to get professional cut and polish car paint done on a regular basis that would help you clean and maintain the cars finish and leave it shiny for a longer period. Not only this, the purpose of having this procedure done on a regular basis allows one to have a car that is free from scratches, fading of paint and any rust spots that may occur.

To make it clearer to people, a lot of people are still not aware of the differences that wet sanding, compounding, claying barring, waxing and polishing are. So what exactly are these processes? To help you understand each process, we have briefly described each of them.

  1. Compounding

Compounding is a process that involves cutting the paste or compound to remove the scratches that are there on the body of your vehicle. This process is commonly used for removing the extensive swirl marks that are made on your car which ruins the overall look of it.

  1. Polishing

Polishing is basically a very general term which could involve different methods for restoring the entire paint work done on the vehicle

  1. Restoration / Correction and Rejuvenation of Paint

All the above stated terms are basically entirely the same which is done on vehicles. Basically, these are the processes which are used when the paint on the car is faded, oxidized or in lay man terms, literally ruined which would need the three basic steps to be recovered. These steps involve; compounding, polishing and waxing on the body of the car.

  1. Cutting and polishing

Lastly, when all the above processes have been completed, cutting and polishing is the step which needs to be done to finally remove all the scratches and damaged paint.

Taking care of a car is literally like taking care of a baby as it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking the same for years. Since our cars are used on a regular basis and are prone to be damaged because of either of the reasons, it is really important for one to regularly keep a check on the vehicle and take necessary actions to keep it looking as if it were new and just bought as regular maintenance keeps the value of the car at a higher level too.