Month: June 2016

Using The Mobile Phone While Travelling

Published / by Yasmin Nixon

Using the phone while you are driving is a bad habit as well as a risk to your life, but can we ever keep our phones away? The new generation is incapable of keeping their phones aside even for a minute. Even while we are travelling we constantly check our phones to make sure that the world around us is still the same. If you are unhappy about not being able to keep your phone close while driving there are a few options for you.

Keep your phone charged at all times!
This may sound impossible because our battery lives drain faster than a vehicle nowadays. Most of us make use of power banks to keep our phones fully charged but instead you could use a car charger while you are driving yourself or with a friend. Your vehicle would provide the battery power needed to keep you phone switched on at all times. If you are headed for some important work and your phone’s battery is dying a car charger would come in handy. Buying a car charger would be a smart choice if you are someone who uses the phone for everything.

Keep it close
A high quality car charger could be easily bought because car accessories in Abu Dhabi for instance are of best standards. You could either visit a shop or buy whatever brand you need online. For some of us a fully charged battery is not just enough. We are used to keeping our phones with us all the time. If you are the type of person who cannot be separated from your phone a car mobile holder would be very useful to you. If your phone is visible to you at all times you have no need to worry about missing calls or text messages anytime.

Use safe methods
If you go through car interior accessories Dubai or elsewhere, you will find a number of gadgets which would keep your phone close to you even when you’re travelling, know more at Even though there are plenty of items to choose from keep in mind that you should always think about your safety first. Think twice whether the particular gadget is of good quality and suitable to be used. Being alert about your calls and messages is important but your safety is far more important. You may use items such as a Bluetooth device or a headset while driving but even those could be risky at times.

Be smart!
Driving a vehicle could be a risky procedure if you are not focused enough on the road. This is why it is illegal to drive while using the phone. There are certain situations where we cannot ignore important calls or messages. Therefore, we try to keep our mobiles close to us even when we are driving. There are new vehicle items which make this possible but you have to keep one thing in mind. Your life comes before anything else.