Month: May 2016

Getting Ready To Buy Your First Car

Published / by Yasmin Nixon

Buying a car is easy but driving it on the road is not, as you must be well acquainted with all kinds of driving regulations. Any mistake will make you pay heavily; so before you purchase a car, prepare yourself to drive correctly. Listed below are some points which you should go through before you drive on the road.

1. Learn to drive.

To help you learn drive a car you can consult to a licensed driving instructors are the best experts. These professionals can teach you to drive a car correctly on the road. Before you choose a coach make sure that he is fully qualified ADI. You can easily pick out one as he will put on show a green brooch on his windscreen. If a pink brooch is displayed on his windscreen, then he is a trainee coach.

No driving instructors will take payment for lessons on driving unless they show whether they belong to green or pink badge. A good coach will teach you different skills of car driving. The first skill is known as talked through, that is, he will make you understand what you should do. He will correct you if you make a wrong drive move. After you complete all the skills correctly without the coach’s prompting or correcting your drive, then you are fit for a car drive test. Choose a coach who has patience. He should not get disgusted when you make a wrong move while learning. He should guide you properly and should encourage you.

2. Know the price of the car which you want to buy.

You should decide what kind of car would be suitable for you. Search for the invoice price in the Buyer’s Guide. Invoice price is the price which the dealer pays to the manufacturer but the dealer’s price includes thousands of dollars as profit. Buy a car whose priceis closer to invoice price.

3. Verify manufacturer’s website for discounts.

The manufacturer offers many kinds of rebates to buyers, some of which are not made public. Look out for all the types of discounts; you may qualify for some so get the rebates from the dealer. It is your right and you must avail it. The dealers try to hide these rebates and keep them as their profits.

4. Avail your own financer.

Do not take finance from the bank which your dealer is offering. There is hidden profit for the dealer in the interest rate. A dealer may offer a car loan for 4.5% but draw up a finance contract of 5.5%. That one percent is dealer’s clear profit. You can avail a better rate from your bank or from a financer. Hence, arrange your own financer.

5. Correct time to buy a car.

The end of a car’s model year is a good time to strike a deal with the dealer. December’s last week is a sluggish period for car sales. This is the best time to purchase a car. When the business is sluggish, you can strike a good deal with the dealer.